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15 Yoga postures for the new day

Work, life makes you busy in the morning, not even have time to exercise?
Do you often wake up in the morning in a state of tiredness, aches and pains, and do not want to go to work or go to bed, the new day is not beautiful?
Do you want to spend some time in the morning doing some exercises that are good for your health but also help your body move?

phuongdongpharma.com understand your suffering, let’s practice yoga in the morning and really healthy nhé!

If you are trying to take time to practice yoga, start practicing in the morning. If the schedule is closed, set your alarm clock to 15 minutes. You will gradually enjoy the feeling of starting a day with a spirit of comfort Yoga brings. Let’s try the chain of 15 yoga postures for a new day filled with energy and phuongdongpharma.com. Note, keep one position for about 1 minute, or less.

If you have too much free time in the morning, you can try some of the activities that will help you to live a fuller life.

1.Swans diving posture:  From standing up straight, take a few breaths. As you exhale, you pull your hands straight back at an angle of 45 degrees. Bend forward by leaning your hips and stretching your chest to lengthen your body. Then stretch back to the original posture.

2. Standing position:  This is a great posture to help reduce the pressure of the spinal column after a long night of sleep. From standing up, bending down, palms or fingertips touching the ground or crossing the arms and holding the elbow area. Relax the neck by letting the head hang loose. If the hamstring muscles are too tight, bend the knees.

3. Straight upright:  Stand straight, with both feet wide with shoulders. The arms are stretched straight on both sides, then straighten the two hands and fingertips over the head. Eyes straight up. Then slowly raise one foot on the soles of the feet and touch the other knee and change the side while pacing slightly.

4. Take half a person:  Hold your hands on the mat or place your palms on your calf. Breathe in, pushing up the abdomen, forming the position of the letter L. Eyes down on the carpet, stretching the spinal bone from the bone to the neck. Keep your eyes looking up without bending your neck to the back. Hold for 3-5 breaths, trying to stretch the spinal column with each inhalation stroke. Then lower the legs and lift up to the rhythm of breathing evenly.

5. Low posture:  When exhale, bend forward, two knees slightly bent and stretch right leg back, low posture posture. The posterior leg rests on the tip of the foot, the forefoot of the foreleg. Put the two forearms. Use yoga blocks or two thick books with both hands up if you can not touch the floor. Note, the right knee is right on the ankle. Lift the hind legs toward the ceiling to straighten. Push through the back heel. Eyes looking forward. When exhaled, step foot to left foot to make a folded posture (Uttanasana) and repeat to the other.

6. Butterfly Posture:  Sit down on the rug and pull the soles of the feet together. Two pillows opened like a book. Hands stretched straight holding both feet and slightly forward direction to straighten the spine. Shocked as a cradle. You can massage the soles of your feet with your thumbs. If two pillows are uncomfortable, use two pillows or blankets between your thighs and the floor.

7. Sitting posture: 

Sit your legs forward. Try to keep the person fixed. If you feel pain in the buttocks, sit on a blanket. Hunch in and sit with your partner, push the sternum forward. Exhale and bend the body toward the legs. Hands try to grab two feet or hold two calves.
8. Roller Position: 

Creates the body as a ball by folding the pillow towards the chest and hugging the calf. Roll on the spinal bone several times.
9. Posture rolls forward and backward: Continuing on the last roll, cross the ankles and roll backwards so that the knees are just above the face.
10. Pose Position: 

4-legged posture, two arms straight to the ground, two large pillows with hips. Straighten from head to toe. You can stretch the soles of your feet if you feel comfortable. Then Inhale and increase the gravity of the two arms have two legs simultaneously.
11. Posture of the cow: 

Hold the hips and shoulders in a straight line, pressing down the palms of the hands. Breathe in, raise your chest, push your belly down. Eyes looking up.
12. Posture: 

From the cow’s point of view, exhale and lift the back up, head down, put weight on two hands. Moving from cats to cows 10 to 20 times, using breathing to control the transition time.
13. Stretching out:  From the table, pushing forward, straightening, palm held on the floor. The hips stay straight on the pillow when you lean against the front of the carpet between your hands.
14. Bow Position:

From the puppy position, walk two fingers to a few centimeters and raise your head. Simultaneously lift two knees and push the hips back up to positively position the head. Push your fingers out and push the floor down with your hands. Push strong heels on the floor. Straight back.
15. Posture of the mountain:  Stand straight on the rug, set two arms, legs wide with the hips. Keep your feet fixed on the carpet. Stretch your shoulders and push your back so that your shoulders are facing each other. At the same time push the chest up. Keep the hips, chest and head straight. Keep in 10 slow and gentle breaths.

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