Advocacy helps increase the height of the child -

Advocacy helps increase the height of the child

The height of the Vietnamese can be improved with proper nutrition and exercise.

An important physical center like a school!

Jaclyn Armstrong, a physical therapist and swimming instructor from California, USA, is currently a teacher at the My Gym Vietnam Physical Education Center. higher than many countries because of the long war period, nutritional elements in the daily diet has not been sufficient, polluted living environment makes children vulnerable to diseases gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system affect the development of children’s height.

“In addition, most Vietnamese do not practice physical exercise or sports regularly, people start exercising only when they have problems with their health, weight or want to improve their appearance. Vietnamese children are not even interested in this issue. I have contacted many Vietnamese parents, most parents are not aware of the importance of physical training for children at an early age, or have not found the proper training method for children.

Most parents just care about nutrition, they often ask the question: What kind of milk, what kind of food good for children? What is the food quality? It is not known that regular exercise from a young age and in the right way will stimulate the development of musculoskeletal groups, height growth and stimulate the digestive system to help children absorb better, “said Jaclyn. comment. In the United States, parents are particularly concerned about the nutrition and quality of their meals, and their daily rations are guaranteed adequate vitamins and minerals. The issue of physical training is similar to that of diet.

“In our country, physical centers are as important as schools. Parents always encourage their children to live an active life and participate in physical training activities in small children. Children in our country are always reminded by adults of exercising for at least 1 hour a day and are trained for regular exercise. I think that is the factor that helps children in my country to grow better in height, musculoskeletal systems and have less problems with digestion and respiration, “said Jaclyn. According to the expert from the United States, the age from birth to 3 years of age is the height of the youngest height, this period decides to 60% growth ability of height.

“In My Gym we have classes for kids starting at 6 weeks old. In order to help children achieve optimum heights, in addition to counseling, reminding parents to properly add calcium from food, milk, calcium to the baby’s tube, we guide parents to physical exercises to Dress for the baby to increase the optimal height for children in this period. For infants at the infants’ age, parents are encouraged to practice simple gestures such as raising their legs, raising their hands or massaging their babies. At older age, there are high, stretching muscles, bones and body. The exercises are well-suited to the age, with reasonable intensity to help children grow best. That’s why the classes here are broken down by age according to the stage of development, “she said.

Some exercises to develop height for children

“I think kids are everywhere, so it’s hard to force children to exercise if they do not like it. The best thing parents can do is find a way to help children love the exercise routine, “said Jaclyn.

Accordingly, children need to create an environment for children to feel happy, voluntary, not forced by the physical exercise that adults.

Ms. Jaclyn also introduced a number of height development exercises for children:

  • 5 minutes each Based on more than 30 years of experience in physical development for children of My Gym professionals, the five minute bath every single day promotes maximum growth in children. The larger the intensity, the greater the intensity of the swing should change with greater intensity and the increased level to develop comprehensive muscle groups. chiều cao, người Việt, vận động
  • Straighten your spine every morning (Cobra Stretch) 

    “Cobra stretch” requires the child to straighten the foot crawl up, neck, bend the spine to the back and breathing evenly. This is one of the moves to stretch the spine, strengthening the back muscles. Perform this exercise every morning to wake up from 3 to 5 minutes to help maximize the development of the skeletal system. chiều cao, người Việt, vận động 

    chiều cao, người Việt, vận động

  •  Stand half of the foot on the stairs

    Calf Raise is a stretching of the muscles of the foot, encouraging muscles to work and develop. The children stand half-feet on a flat wooden board or stairs, put force on the tip of the foot, lifting people up and down about 20 times. Then, doing the knee-to-back action to relax the muscles that were impacted.chiều cao, người Việt, vận động

    Highest-boosting sports: 

    chiều cao, người Việt, vận động


    chiều cao, người Việt, vận động


    chiều cao, người Việt, vận động


    chiều cao, người Việt, vận động


    chiều cao, người Việt, vận động


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