Do you know how to change posture to improve your health? -

Do you know how to change posture to improve your health?

One-third of life time is spent sleeping, so quality sleep for each of us is very important. Many people have painful body states, aches and pains. In fact, the problems that we occasionally encounter, probably due to improper sleeping posture. So, to deal with this disease, will guide you only need to change the sleeping position is the situation will be modified immediately.

1. Shoulder pain

If you have shoulder pain, you should choose to sleep on your back, place a small pillow on your abdomen and hug, which will help your shoulders be more comfortable. For people who do not have the habit of lying on their back, shoulder pain should be shifted to a sleeping position, leaning back toward the shoulder without pain, the limbs nearing the chest and a pillow. Do not put your head on your hands, doing so may cause pain in your shoulder.

2. Back pain

If you sleep on the cushion too soft will also lead to back pain. Therefore, when sleeping should lie on his back, put a cotton padded underwear under the waist and a pillow under the knee. If you are used to lying on your back, put a pillow on your stomach when you sleep. Sleeping in this position will relieve pressure on your back.


3. Neck pain

If you have neck pain, you should sleep on your back, hands placed on two pillows. If you have problems with the cervical vertebrae, you should choose the pillow specifically. Do not overly knee high, but choose a pillow of the same thickness as the shoulder. Many people have a habit of lying on their stomachs and knees on a thin pillow. If they sleep in this position for a long time, it will lead to neck pain, so the best way is to change the lying position.

4. Insomnia

People who play the phone, computer before sleep will easily lead to insomnia. Because, the green light emitted from the device will affect the quality of sleep. Before going to bed for 6 hours, do not drink too much coffee. People who suffer from insomnia should improve their exercise early in the morning or in the evening, which will make blood flow better, helping you sleep more easily.


5. Wake up when sleeping

If you wake up at night, you should not just stay away from electronics, but you should not drink alcohol. Alcohol will destroy the balance in the body and affect sleep. At the same time, you should check the warmth in the room, the most suitable temperature for good sleep is 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.


6. Trouble waking up early in the morning

Many people have encountered this situation and it is difficult to change. Set your alarm clock daily and if you want to wake up early, go to bed early the previous night.


7. Sleep Snoring

People who have snoring should not lie on their back and rest their head on a soft pillow. You should sleep on one side, knee on the hard pillow so that the nose and mouth are not blocked when breathing. Should exercise more tongue and throat, it also helps reduce snoring.


8. Leg cramps

Many people who have had problems with leg cramps, this is due to nerve damage, are also related to the lack of trace elements. If you encounter this situation frequently, you should check with your doctor. You can also practice yoga, before going to bed, so massage your feet a bit to strengthen your legs. The best way to prevent the disease is to increase the training and should not sit for a long time.


9. Other problems

If your heart beats fast, you can lie on your left side, this sleeping posture also helps keep your heart from burning. If you have leg pain, you can use a pillow under your feet to prevent stagnant blood. Standing. Foot massage before bed also helps to solve this problem.

In fact, there are many causes that affect sleep, possibly due to fatigue, may include uncomfortable shoes, and may also be due to digestive or neurological problems. If your body has a problem for a long time, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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