How to reduce throat quickly -

How to reduce throat quickly

Environmental pollution, climate change, the disease of nose and throat diseases appear more especially sore throat. Sore throat pain, itching in the throat, difficulty swallowing, drinking water or talking cause annoyance, discomfort for patients. At present, many people give each other ways of pain relief and treatment of sore throat is extremely effective with very easy-to-find materials and how to make a very simple. Let’s learn  to be able to reverse sore throat. In daily life, to treat sore throat quickly and effectively, people often tell each other the following treatments:

Đau họng

1 / Rinse mouth with salt water This is considered the simplest but effective way to instantly relieve sore throat, cough or sore throat. Salt water can help to prevent nasopharynx as much as possible. This should be done at least 3 times a day to get rid of the bacteria quickly. You only need to use 1 tablespoon of salt for about 250ml of warm water, dissolve and then throat. Remember to work the back of the neck so that salt water can reach deep into the throat, hold for a while and spit out. If you can, you can swallow some salt water so that salt water can penetrate deeper into the throat area.

Giảm đau họng bằng cách súc nước muối

2 / Use garlic to treat sore throat Garlic is quite familiar in the kitchen of each family. Garlic is considered a natural antibiotic, precious medicine from nature can help the body to fight off disease effectively. Acillin content in garlic can help to fight inflammation effectively when you have sore throat, sore throat. Chewing 1-2 garlic cloves or you can add them more in the menu at this time is a good way to sore throat faster than over.

Cách giảm đau họng bằng tỏi

3 / Treat sore throat with fresh lemon juice When you have a sore throat, gradually pick up a glass of hot lemon juice. Do not forget to do throat operation to be able to better disinfect the throat! The vitamin C content and antioxidants in fresh lemon are “blades” that can “kill” bacteria faster and also make the throat work more smoothly.

Giảm đau họng bằng nước chanh tươi

4 / Honey effective sore throat Honey has long been regarded as one of the most commonly used herbal remedies in traditional medicine because it is effective in treating many common ailments, including sore throats and pharyngitis. Sore throat drugs from honey are always used by many people and of course it will help your throat calm down quickly. You can use warm water, add a little honey, can put in a slice of lemon. Use this best way in the morning to cure sore throat.

Dùng mật ong làm giảm đau họng

5 / Ginger tea to relieve sore throat Sip a cup of hot ginger tea is a tip or to cure sore throat, cough effectively. Just take a little ginger to wash and beat, put in a glass of hot water and slowly click. With these, your throat will be “cleaned” clean, the warmth of ginger will also promote anti-inflammatory and soothe the throat in this case.

Trà gừng giảm đau họng

6 / Loose liquorice is also a quick sore throat pain relief Licorice is a fairly common, easy-to-use and benign medicinal product, and is often used as a remedy for healing. Propolis is a simple remedy that you can do at home to help your throat reduce pain, making communication easier. When the liquorice, the essence in this herbal secretion will help stimulate the mouth to salivate, then your throat will “lighten” a lot.

Ngậm cam thảo để làm giảm đau họng

Here are some effective ways to reduce sore throat. However, these methods only apply when the new symptoms appear sore throat, help reduce the swelling, sore throat rather than treating the root disease to cure the disease.

3 Sore throat treatment you should know

Currently there are many treatments for sore throat but using western medicine, surgical intervention and traditional medicine are the methods that many patients choose and you should know.

1 / Western medicine

For the treatment of pharyngitis with western medicine, depending on the condition, the physiology and health of the patient, your doctor may prescribe some special antibiotics, painkillers, cough medicines and some medicines. Effect of phlegm, throat pain. Use special medications to treat sore throat with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects combined with herbal syrups to reduce throat irritation, reduce pain and increase strength. healthy mucous membranes.


The use of Western medicine will help symptoms rapidly decrease, clear after 1-2 days of drug use. Western medicine is simple to use, convenient and shorten treatment time.


– Western medicine only treat symptoms not treated, eliminating the cause of disease, so it is difficult to completely cure disease and the possibility of recurrence is very high.

– The use of Western medicine can cause undesirable side effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea, bronchospasm, gastrointestinal disorders, skin allergies, etc. Some cases have reactions Medication or overdose will lead to respiratory failure, apnea, cardiac arrest, cardiac arrest, even death.

– Many medicines, especially antibiotics can cause drug phenomenon, resistance to antibiotics. Increased pressure on the stomach, impaired liver function, kidney and health of the patient. Some drugs that can be used for long periods of time can be addictive (like the codeine-morphine derivative).

– Most drugs are contraindicated in infants and young children, pregnant or lactating women.

2 / Surgical intervention methods

In patients with severe sore throat, in addition to the use of western medicine, the physician may order patients to perform surgical interventions such as minor laser burns or cryosurgery.


Primary granuloma helps to relieve symptoms immediately after the burn, eliminates severe inflammation, prevents inflammation spread, complications to the surrounding organs.


– The treatment of pharyngitis with minor surgery is not optimal solution is often the risk of bleeding, infection, scarring and leaving dangerous complications during and after surgery.

– The cost of treatment is usually high, not all patients have conditions to perform. – Similar to western medicine, these surgical interventions focus only on treatment of symptoms without treatment as far as the cause of the disease so the possibility of recurrence is very high.

3 / Method of treatment with traditional medicine

To avoid the side effects and complications brought about by western medicine, the use of prescription medications in the treatment of sore throats is the choice of many patients. Traditional herbal remedies are made entirely from natural herbs, are safe and benign, so long-term medicinal uses will not cause side effects such as antibiotics.

The proper use of appropriate medicinal herbs will thoroughly solve the causes of disease should ensure the effectiveness of sustainability. Besides therapeutic effects, oriental medicine also has the effect of raising the body and resistance of patients, prevention of relapse. In particular, oriental medicine can be used for many patients: children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, patients with diabetes, blood pressure, stomach … with reasonable treatment costs.

Can Chinese medicine completely cure sore throat?

According to oriental medicine, acute pharyngitis is caused by the external phlegm in conjunction with the heat inside the body that causes the disease. Meanwhile, long-term thermal accumulations damage the negative scars cause chronic pharyngitis. The principle of oriental medicine in the treatment of pharyngitis is always towards the balance of yin and yang, treatment of the root cause disease to improve the effectiveness of treatment, minimizing the possibility of recurrence. When solving the cause, the yin and yang self will balance, the gas, the resistance is enhanced for effective treatment. The medicine to cure sore throat always ensure two factors: solve all It helps to cure sore throat, reduce cough, anti-inflammation, anti-edema of the mucous membranes of the throat and resolve the cause of the disease. strengthening the gas). In addition, with the preparation of natural herbs safe and benign should be able to use long-term without complications, side effects, not only help improve the condition and resistance of patient. Treatment with traditional medicine is always in the slow but sure direction should ensure effective and enduring treatment.

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