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Orient Pharmaceutical and Trading Company

 Address: Pho Ha Street - Bac Ninh

   Tel / Fax: 02223.720.838

About Orient Pharmaceutical and Trading Company

Orient Pharmaceutical and Trading Company was established by decision of Bac Ninh Department of Planning and Investment on 13/08/2008. Its main activity is producing and trading functional foods - cosmetics - nutritious food.

Wishing to improve the quality of life on a better for the people of Vietnam. Orient Pharmaceutical and Trading Company is proud of being one of the leading units in the research and distribution of products that help support human health.
The Orient Pharmaceutical and Trading Company has made continuous efforts to research and develop social products that address the social diseases people are living with. community. We are committed to bring the best brands, the best products to strengthen the trust of customers for the products and services that the company has researched and developed to be worthy of the title of joint "For the health of the Vietnamese".

In 2015, the branch of Southern Pharmaceutical and Trading Company was established, to meet the demand of expanding the market and has been operating stably, contributing to the development of Phuongdongpharma has consistently pursued the goal : Cooperation, investment and sustainable development, building a Phuongdongpharma is a common place where people associate their shared interests and responsibilities. and responsibility.

Incorporated with open policies on personnel, management regime, salary mechanism, customer regime. Phuongdongpharma desires to create a good working environment, generate employee income, where individuals can promote their creativity.

Phuongdongpharma Customer satisfaction is the premise for the development. Each product Phuongdongpharma to bring to the market are based on the feedback of customers, ensuring reasonable prices that are effective to consumers, is not merely a product, but also much information on medicine, herbal contributions. Human health improvement.

With the desire to bring the best services and products to users, we are always ready to receive and appreciate any comments from customers.

- Vision:
Become a company manufacturing, trading medicine, functional foods, cosmetics, milk, high quality, effective and reliable partner.
- Core values:
Looking forward to the future is a prerequisite for us to offer genuine consulting solutions to create superior quality products. The focus in the profession will direct us to be responsible for public health.
- Mission:
Wishing to be a reputable manufacturer, reliable partner. We do not stop research, commit to quality products, invest in modern machinery and technology, improve production methods and invest in the most complete facilities.
- Business philosophy:
Public health is the biggest responsibility for us. So in all our business activities we are taking the mind in the profession to serve the public health. Give us the opportunity to show your goodness.

For more information about Orient Pharmaceutical and Trading Company please contact:

Orient Pharmaceutical and Trading Company

Headquarters: And. P Hạp Lĩnh. Bac Ninh City. Bac Ninh province

ĐT: 0222.3720.488


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